Roofing Contractor in Westminster, CO

Colorado residents and businesses are frequently subjected to severe weather conditions, ranging from the high temperatures of summer to winter time storms and high winds. That kind of stress can wreak havoc on your roof, loosening materials with powerful winds, or pounding the roof with hail, heavy rainstorms, or wind-driven snow.

Even the best roofing system might be compromised by such constant pressure, and that’s why it’s worth your while to inspect that roofing system, at least every spring and more often after storms, to determine if any damage has been done. Better yet, you should have one of the professionals from HomeGuard do a thorough inspection for you, and consult with you about any steps which may be necessary.

HomeGuard Roofing Services

The experts at HomeGuard are just that – experts, when it comes to new roofing installation. In the area around Westminster, our roofing specialists have installed almost every conceivable kind of roofing system, including metal roofing, asphalt shingles, luxury slate, wood shakes, single-ply flat roofing systems, and environmentally friendly shake and slate composite roofing systems. We can advise you on what would work best for your home and your neighborhood, as well as what type of system will fit your budget.

Commercial roofing systems are also one of our specialties, and there is no job which is too big for us to tackle. Even if you have a giant warehouse or a large retail shopping center, we can have a highly professional crew at your location whenever it’s convenient, to install a weather-tight roofing system which will help you save money on utility bills, while also providing maximum protection for the building and its contents.

We also do roofing inspections, and roof repairs which include the re-shingling of some roofing systems which have lost a number of shingles due to wind damage or from simple deterioration. Roof maintenance is another of our specialties, in which we examine your roofing system thoroughly, detecting any leaks or other compromises from weather or wear. This kind of prompt attention can not only identify issues early, but it can ward off much more expensive roof replacements or repairs which could have been avoided.

Need New Roofing or Restoration?

Contact us at HomeGuard in Arvada, CO, so that your home can be safeguarded against the elements, and so the roofing system of your home can maintain its integrity. We’ll be glad to inspect your roof to see whether it has any issues, or whether you would benefit by having a new roofing system installed.