Roofing Contractor in Northglenn, CO

Anyone who lives in the Denver metro area, and needs any kind of roofing service should contact us at HomeGuard. Just a few miles northeast of our headquarters in Arvada, we service Northglenn, CO and the entire area around greater metropolitan Denver. Our range of services is just as broad as the area we serve, and we can operate on any roofing system you might have, whether it’s a commercial job or a residential one.

Our Services

In addition to being equally adept at handling commercial and residential projects, we can also help you with any repairs you might have. We also can step in after a storm has damaged your roofing system, or we can help with that restoration project you’ve had in mind for several years now. We can work on industrial buildings as big as a city block, or on your single-family dwelling which requires updating. We also work on multi-family residences and apartment complexes, regardless of the type of roofing that is currently in place.

We’ll also be glad to inspect your roof for any vulnerabilities it might have and give you a complete rundown on any repairs or maintenance which should be performed. Catching any problems in their earliest stages can prevent a whole slew of much worse issues that might develop later on. A small leak in your roof today can grow to be a major leak that damages a significant part of your roof, as well as some of the interior of your home. You might be able to eyeball your roof from the ground, but that won’t give you the complete picture of what’s happening up there, and the untrained eye can miss a lot.

Your roof might also be nearing the end of its useful life cycle, and we can identify that situation for you during an inspection. Even the best types of roofing will eventually require replacement, and our team can install a completely new roofing system for you, to take advantage of more modern and efficient roofing materials. When we install your roof, you can count on it being done right the first time, and on having expert installation that will stand up to the elements. That way, you’ll get the full advantage of any protective system overhead, to safeguard your family and your valuables.

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Whether you need repairs, a full replacement, or just a comprehensive inspection, contact us today so we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roofing system is in tip-top shape, providing you with protection against the elements.