Roofing Contractor in Louisville, CO

With all the snow and rain that falls in Louisville, Colorado, the roof of your home can take a beating. You might think that a small hole here or a torn shingle there doesn’t really matter, but it all makes a difference. The longer you let it go, the more likely it is a problem will spread, and you will have major repairs on your hands or even need a new roof installed. Preventive maintenance for your roof from HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration can make all the difference.

Your Roof Needs Regular Checkups Too

Maybe you don’t know the condition of your roof because you have never climbed up on it. That’s okay. Our roofing technicians are available now to inspect your roof to determine if it needs repairs or replacement. Don’t wait until a storm when you suspect major damage to your roof. We recommend scheduling an annual inspection for the roof of your Louisville home or business once a year to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. It’s also a good idea to schedule a roof inspection before investing in a commercial building, multi-family property, or private home.

Roof Repairs

The team at HomeGuard can work with any type of roofing material from asphalt to metal to tile. One of the most common reasons that people call us for roof repair is that a leak from the roof has made its way into the home or commercial structure. This can cause serious damage to ceilings and walls to the point where they require repair or replacement as well. It can also cause significant structural damage.

Storm damage can cause ripped shingles or even blow off an entire section of your roof. If your roof or siding now looks like patchwork, contact HomeGuard as soon as possible to arrange a repair.

New Installation

We are here to install a new roof for your home or business, whether you’re building the property from scratch or your old roof needs replacement. When you call for an estimate, we also recommend that you schedule a time to come in and review all the options available to you. HomeGuard wants you to feel confident that you have selected the most durable and affordable roofing materials that go well with the style of the rest of your home or commercial building. We can also discuss financing options at this appointment if you have concerns about that.

Our company is happy to bill your insurance company if you have sustained roof damage and need to make a claim. Please contact our office today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.