Roofing Contractor in Lakewood, CO

Homeguard provides roofing services in Lakewood, CO, and throughout the surrounding Denver metro area. We cover residential, commercial, and multi-family dwelling roofing needs, and we can also provide support to property owners making insurance claims. To learn more about each of those service areas, just keep reading.

Residential Roofing

Residential houses are often a homeowner’s biggest investment, and nothing plays a bigger role in protecting that investment than a high-quality roof. With that in mind, we offer a full line of residential roofing services. We can inspect, repair, and/or replace all types of roofing systems, including tile, shingle, and metal roofs. We are also experienced in working with flat and low-slope roofs.

Commercial Roofing

If you’re involved in commercial real estate, the last thing you want is a roofing failure, which can lead to unhappy tenants and property damage. To prevent that, we can inspect your current commercial property to determine the current condition of its roof, and we can do the same for properties you are considering purchasing in or around Lakewood, CO. Another item in our service repertoire is scheduled maintenance on commercial roofing, including regular inspections, replacement, repair, and cleaning.

Multi-Family Home Roofing

Roof care for homes in multi-family communities can present some complications, but HomeGuard is used to dealing with them. We are experienced at coordinating with property managers, neighbors, and other parties affected by multi-family property roofing work. We can also provide long-term roofing solutions—such as metal or tile roofs—that are ideal for multi-family properties that will see tenants come and go over the years.

Insurance Claims

HomeGuard can also be a source of assistance when filing insurance claims. Our claims specialists can help you file a claim quickly and easily, cutting through the confusion and red tape that sometimes accompanies insurance procedures. Our staff uses the Xactimate program, just like most insurance companies, while making estimates. Additionally, our staff can be present on-site to provide information to insurance adjusters during adjustment visits. This helps obtain maximum reimbursement from your insurance plan.

Getting Started

Keep in mind that the longer roof problems fester, the worse they become. Whatever the type of property you have in Lakewood, CO, you can trust HomeGuard to help keep it at its best through excellent roof care. To set up a free estimate or consultation, give us a call at 720-897-5241. You can also use our contact form as a quick way to get in touch.