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Roofing Contractor in Arvada, CO

HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration is a company comprised of primarily Colorado natives, many of whom have been involved in the roofing business for more than 20 years. That kind of experience and knowledge is priceless when it comes to installing new roofing systems or restoring them in the unique environment offered by Colorado, particularly in the service area which stretches from Fort Collins in the north to Colorado Springs in the southern part of the state.

When Homeguard Roofing & Restoration was first formed in 2012, its founders decided that the core values of the company would focus on 100% customer satisfaction, and on providing the absolute best service available to every single customer. Since the time of the company’s original founding, the owners have remained true to that commitment, and still strive to make every client feel like they have received maximum value for their roofing investment.

Services Offered

In addition to handling all the needs of residential and commercial clients for roofing, HomeGuard offers a wide variety of other related services as well. The company has a great deal of experience working on multi-family dwellings such as townhouses, apartment buildings, and condominiums, and this requires constant communication with the occupants of those particular residences, so that the needs of all can be properly addressed.

Because of the quirky and often severe weather which occurs in Colorado, insurance claims are very common in the state, and this is another area of expertise for the HomeGuard team. Since the company is well-versed on the nuances of insurance claims, they can help claimants navigate through the process quickly, so that proper roofing can be restored in the shortest time frame possible.

Gutter replacements are often overlooked as a component of the typical roofing system, but gutters are actually an essential part of removing water from your roof, and keeping it safe from water damage. If your gutters have been damaged in any way by harsh weather, HomeGuard specialists can have it replaced quickly and efficiently. Windows are another critical part of keeping your home intact and safe against the weather, which is why HomeGuard offers a window replacement service, as well as all the high-quality modern windows you can use to take advantage of greater insulation and energy savings.

When you’re thinking about protection from the weather and high insulation values, you have to think about the kind of siding on your home. HomeGuard specialists can install brand new siding on your home to make it weather-tight, while also providing some excellent visual appeal through attractive shades of siding. And if you’d like to give your home a fresh look on the inside or the exterior, there’s no better way to accomplish that than to have HomeGuard painting professionals apply a vibrant coat of whatever style of paint appeals to you.

Arvada Roofing

Our primary business in Arvada and the surrounding region is in replacing and repairing roof systems. However, we do offer many other services which have great value to homeowners and businesses, so if you are in need of any of these kinds of services, we hope you’ll give us a call before you talk to anyone else. We think you’ll be happy you called us first.