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Premium Concrete Tile by Boral Roofing

HomeGuard is proud to offer premium roofing and re-roofing solutions by Boral to our Denver Metro customers. With its outstanding durability and enduring curb appeal, Boral concrete roof tile is guaranteed to increase the value of your home.

Boral Roofing is a subsidiary of Boral USA. It has roots extending as far back as the 1960s, when its parent companies, Lifetile and Monier, were founded. The merging of these two long-time market leaders in 1997 resulted in a new and higher standard of excellence in the roofing products industry.

Today, Boral Roofing is the leading manufacturer of clay and concrete roof tile for commercial and residential applications in the US.

Boral Concrete Roofing Tile Advantages

  • Design – No other roofing manufacturer matches Boral Roofing’s extensive selection of concrete tile profiles and colors.
  • Durability – Concrete roof tile has been proven to withstand the harshest of climate conditions.
  • Sustainability – Boral Roofing uses a low-impact manufacturing process and abundant, naturally occurring resources to produce their concrete tiles. The tiles themselves can help homeowners save energy, are up to 100% recyclable, and contain no chemical preservatives.
  • Performance – Concrete roof tile offers outstanding wind resistance, fire resistance, and heat and sound insulation. Boral Roofing also produces an exclusive line of concrete tile that reduces air pollution and resists mold and algae growth.
  • Value – Concrete tile is an excellent investment because it lasts a long time, costs little to maintain, and adds a lot to the value of your home. All concrete tiles by Boral Roofing come with a limited lifetime, fully transferable warranty.

Boral Concrete Roofing Tile FAQs

Q: What are they made of?

A: Boral concrete roof tiles contain around 3 parts sand to 1 part cement and 10% water. Pigments are either concentrated onto the tile’s surface (slurry coated) for a bolder finish or incorporated into the mix (integrally colored) for a more permanent finish.

Q: Can I use them in my area?

A: Concrete roof tiles work well in any climate, although we do not recommend slurry coated tiles in areas that experience more than 30 freeze-thaw cycles per year.

Q: How much do they weigh?

A: Boral concrete roof tiles weigh around 6 to 10 pounds per square foot, depending on profile.

Q: Can they be used for a re-roof project?

A: Yes! All Boral concrete roof tiles can be used for re-roofing. If structural capacity is a concern, lightweight product lines are also available.

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