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TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is a single-ply reflective membrane that acts as a combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene. It essentially has the flexibility and weather resistance of rubber and the performance of hot-air welded thermoplastic seams. The white TPO membrane has excellent heat reflectivity, making it highly energy efficient while remaining affordable.

Benefits of TPO

Aside from being one of the most affordable weather-resistant roofing options, TPO is also very environmentally-friendly. The reflective membrane will make it easier to keep your facility cool during the summer, and the seal will make it easier to keep everything warm in the winter. TPO is also 100 percent recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about the membrane taking up space in a landfill when it comes time to install a new roof. In fact, you may be able to use some or all of the TPO membrane on a new roof, which further cuts down on costs as well as your business’s carbon footprint.

TPO membranes are also very durable, and they can make your roof highly resistant to dirt and debris. TPO is also a highly flexible material, which makes it resistant to tears, punctures, and impact damage. This flexibility will also translate to a roof that will hold its shape as the rest of the building settles. TPO is available in thicker membranes, which offer even more protection from the elements and from impact damage. Thicker membranes are more expensive, but they add enough to your roof’s lifespan that it is well worth the extra cost.

Finally, installing a TPO membrane is very easy, even when compared to other roofing options. Most TPO membranes are installed in wide sheets that can be made to fit your facility’s roof, which makes installation quick, easy, and affordable. This is especially true of Genflex TPO, which is available in several varieties that are all very easy to install. Since TPO is a fairly new roofing material, research is currently being done to make its installation even easier and more convenient.

At HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration we offer both Genflex and GAF TPO. Both options are ideal for residential flat roofs or roofs with a low slope. They are also suitable for re-roofing solutions that require superior performance at affordable prices.

For more information about TPO roofing systems and how we can install it on your business’ roof, contact HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration today.