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Unless you’ve gone through the trouble of installing spooky rooftop decorations, your roof should play no role in the scariness of Halloween. However, a roof in disrepair can cause some seriously scary problems, especially as the weather grows colder.

Problem 1: Mold

The appearance of mold can be frightening no matter the time of year. As pointed out on, a leaky roof can quickly lead to mold sprouting in your attic.

Even if your roof isn’t leaking, improper ventilation can still set the stage for explosive mold growth. Setting up seasonal roof inspections is a great way to spot these problems before they become more challenging to handle.

Problem 2: Water Damage

Beyond mold, leaks in your roof can lead to other types of problems, including water damage that may not be apparent at first. Wind and rain can wear down a roof throughout the year, and as the weather turns colder, snow and ice can add to the punishment. Leaks may be difficult to notice at first, but if you leave them undetected, they will quickly balloon into costly problems. Luckily, a qualified roof inspector can detect leaks promptly.

Problem 3: Drafts and Temperature Changes

Problems with your attic insulation can lead to another spooky situation: seemingly unexplained temperature fluctuations and drafts. (These can also be caused by inadequate sealing around windows and doors.) The fall season is the perfect time to thoroughly check your home for air leaks. Sealing these leaks can both lower your utility bills and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system, which won’t have to work as hard to heat your home throughout the fall and winter.

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