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Taking preventive measures to keep your roof structurally sound is always a good use of your money, time, and energy. It prepares you for rough weather and other conditions. Why should you invest in a resilient roofing system and put a premium on roof maintenance? Here are the practical and prudent reasons:

Incurring Less Damage

Studies showed that Hurricane Katrina would’ve been less destructive if stronger building codes were in place. In fact, researchers estimated that 80% of the wind damage would have been prevented if the residential and commercial structures were sturdier.

It only goes to show the importance of reinforcing your home with a sturdy roof. Your roof should consist of critical components to remain secure in the face of torrential downpours and strong winds. At HomeGuard Restoration, we recommend that you invest in a complete roofing system. Other GAF and Owens Corning accessories may be optional, but they play essential roles in withstanding harsh elements.

Mitigating Chances of Damage

The life-cycle costs of an interior roofing system generally exceed its initial expenses. You may require some roofing services, at some point, but the problems can worsen if your roof isn’t durable enough.

Our company offers routine inspections and prompt repairs to prevent roof failures. Your roofing system may not be immune to wear and tear, but our maintenance services can extend its service life for as long as possible.

Meeting New Building Codes

If your old home still has its original roof, consider a replacement. It might no longer be consistent with today’s codes. Older roofing materials, primarily asphalt shingles, are not as resilient as their modern counterparts.

At HomeGuard Restoration, we’ll facilitate your re-roofing project from start to finish. We’re up to date with our area’s local building codes; rest assured that your new roof will comply with today’s standards. Regardless of your budget, you can rely on our wisdom to recommend you reliable products without compromising your finances.

Be it a full replacement or minor roof repair, entrust your needs to the region’s finest. Call us today at (720) 708-4126 for your FREE estimate.