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Planning to get your roofing replaced soon? There are a few things that you should expect during roof replacement day, and knowing this will help make the process simpler and hassle-free. HomeGuard Roofing and Restoration discusses more.

Validation and Estimates

The first few steps for roof replacements involve contractor validation and then finding the estimate on the actual project. It’s always a good idea to work with an experienced local contractor since they have better knowledge of what your roofing actually needs.

Once the necessary validations are done, the estimate can proceed. When you work with us, our roofers will visit your property to take measurements. We do this so that we can give you an accurate estimate as well as a breakdown of what your roofing needs.

Securing the Permit

Once the validation and estimates are done, you’ll have to secure a permit. Either you or your contractor will have to do this; our team does this for you as this is a crucial step. When securing a permit, be aware that an inspector will have to conduct another inspection on your property once the new roof is installed to see if the new roof complies with the building codes where you live.

Your Roof Might Require Repair Work

When you get roof replacement done, expect that the roofing structure itself may require repair work – especially with older homes. The roof can be a bit deceptive in a way that it doesn’t quite show the full condition it’s actually in.

If the roof structure is in disrepair, the new roof might fail prematurely. That’s why when we do replacement work, we make it a point to conduct an in-depth inspection to determine if roof repair is necessary.

Planning to get roof replacement soon? Give us a call at (720) 708-4126 for more information on our services. Our roofers serve homeowners throughout Arvada, CO.