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Being a new homeowner can be scary! There are many maintenance items you now have to worry about that you probably didn’t think twice about as a renter. Now, you are responsible for all repairs, as well as maintaining your home’s exterior, and abiding by your HOA standards.

While some things, like your smoke alarm, will alert you when they need maintenance, there are many areas in your home that won’t. We know it can be overwhelming, so here are some must-do maintenance items to keep your home value high and your repair costs low.

Get your roof inspected once a year and after every storm

Before you bought your home, the seller got a home inspection to make sure the house was in good shape to sell. Home inspectors are not roofing professionals, so if you didn’t see an independent roof inspection report, you should go ahead and get one now.
Don’t worry, if the home had the green light to sell, your roof is probably in good shape. But if there are small repairs to be made, it’s in your best interest to get it taken care of BEFORE it turns into a roof leak that will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Afterward, set a reminder to get your roof inspected at least once a year. Make it a point to keep your local roofing contractor’s number in your phone in case of storms. If your area gets hit by hail, strong winds, or a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado – contact your roofer immediately following the storm.

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy

Not only are you a new homeowner, but you’re also a new homeowner’s insurance customer. There are several different kinds of homeowner’s insurance. Review your policy; make sure you know what’s covered and what’s not. If you’re not sure what the language means, contact your agent and find out before you have to make a claim.

Drain your water heater at least once a year

If your water heater stops heating or it’s leaking, you may need to drain some of the water from it. Sediment collects at the bottom of the tank, creating hot spots on gas-powered heaters that can damage the tank and cause premature failure. On an electric water heater, sediment buildup can cause the lower heating element to fail. Occasionally draining a water heater will lower energy bills and extend its life.

Replace your furnace filter and HVAC filter every month

If you’re using a more high-end pleated HVAC filter, you can go up to 6 months without changing it – It’s up to you which routine and price-point you feel most comfortable with.

Before every summer, service your AC unit

After cutting off the electricity to the unit, vacuum the outdoor condenser’s exterior fins with a soft-bristled brush, and clear away bushes, weeds and overgrown grass within two feet of the unit. Indoors, replace the furnace filter on the evaporator unit, vacuum the blower compartment, and clean the condensation drain. If you spot any issues, contact an AC contractor!

Every time the season changes, it’s time to exterminate

Whether you hire a professional or choose to do it yourself, you need to spray the outside and inside of your home to prevent critters and rodents from nesting in your home. Every season brings new animals about, and you want to make sure you won’t have any unwanted house guests.


Landscaping is a massive part of your home and its curb appeal, not to mention, it can be a significant cause of contention with your HOA. You can choose to do this yourself or hire a professional service. Either way, make sure you know all the rules you need to follow and pay attention to seasonal requirements. Trim the trees occasionally, make sure there aren’t any branches too close to your roof, plant and fertilize the garden, and groom the bushes on top of just mowing the lawn regularly.

Inspect your wood-burning fireplace once a year

This is critical because a dirty or inefficient fireplace can be dangerous. Make sure you’re going through the necessary steps to clean your chimney regularly and calling a professional for an inspection every year.

We highly recommend you use your smartphone or smart hub (like Google Home or Alexa) to keep inspection and maintenance dates on a home calendar. You can also ask them to set reminders for when you need to reschedule. When you book an appointment with us, we’ll send you a notification about who will come to your door and when. For all your roofing needs, you can trust HomeGuard. With 7 years in the industry and thousands of roofs under our belt, you can rest assured we provide service you can trust. Contact us for a free roof inspection now by calling (720) 708-4126 or schedule an appointment online!