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Commercial roofing systems are mostly engineered to provide lasting protection. During their life span, however, they can develop problems that compromise their performance and efficiency. Depending on the scope of the damage, you can choose from different treatments to save your damaged roof. HomeGuard Restoration, the most trusted name in commercial roofing in Denver, CO, explains various solutions to improve your roof’s condition.


This is a cost-effective option if your roof has only sustained minor damage. If the system’s membrane is still in good shape and has proper insulation, doing minor repairs can keep your costs to a minimum. At HomeGuard Restoration, we will thoroughly inspect your roof for issues. We will then create additions and adjustments to stop leaks and prevent further damage.


If your commercial roofing in Denver, CO, was properly installed and still has a strong foundation, you can opt to re-cover it instead. Re-covering is an effective solution if your roof’s membrane has already exceeded its life expectancy but still has good insulation. It is more economical and less disruptive than a full replacement. It can also lessen the risk of exposure to the elements.


Thanks to the latest advances in roofing technology, you can now add a protective layer to your roof to extend its useful life. A roof coating offers an extra protection from leaks and reflects heat to improve your energy savings. It can also enhance your building’s overall curb appeal.

Full Replacement

As experts in commercial and residential roofing in Denver, CO, we highly recommend replacing your roof if it has incurred widespread damage. This is a long-term solution, which gives you the opportunity to choose innovative materials, an extensive warranty, and better features. Additionally, it can provide the most energy savings and the lowest maintenance costs.

Our experts at HomeGuard Restoration will inspect your roof’s condition to learn the extent of the damage. After our evaluation, we will recommend the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Call us today at (720) 708-4126 to schedule a roof inspection.