Your roof is a sturdy structure, but over time it’s going to get worn down and will eventually fall to disrepair. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can extend your roofing’s lifespan. HomeGuard Roofing and Restoration discusses these in detail.

Preventative Maintenance

The simplest way to extend your roof’s lifespan is to have preventative roof maintenance done. It might be tempting to wait until you actually see problems, but the warning signs are often hidden from plain sight. A small leak, for example, might seem harmless, but it can quickly grow in just a matter of weeks due to a combination of heat and internal moisture damage.

When you do preventative maintenance on your roofing, you’re saving yourself the trouble of a bigger and more expensive problem, and you’re extending your roof’s lifespan, too.

Clean Your Roof

Make it a point to have your roof cleaned at least once a month. Branches can scratch the roof’s surface, and rotting leaves can quickly hasten the operating lifespan of your shingles once the rot spreads to them. When we do roof repair for our homeowners, we make it a point to clean your roof as well so that it continues to operate in good condition.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Another simple way to extend your roof’s operating lifespan is to simply clean out the gutters to prevent blockages from forming. A blockage in the gutters doesn’t just increase water damage risk; it also puts unnecessary strain on your roofing. In some cases, the weight drags the roof line down and physically damages the nearby shingles.

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