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If there has been a hail storm in your area recently, your roof may have sustained significant damage. However, that damage might not be visible to the naked eye. It is definitely in your best interest to hire a hail damage expert to inspect your roofing system to determine if it has sustained any damage. Here are a few things you should know about hiring a hail damage expert.

Why Hiring An Expert Is Important

Your insurance company would probably be glad to assess damage to your roof. But, you should be aware that they will have a vested interest in minimizing any damage estimate since the company will be responsible for paying that claim. You could also ask a roofing contractor to evaluate the damage, but you may be relying on someone with minimal hail restoration experience. If they’re not qualified to make that evaluation, something might easily be missed, leading to unforeseen costs down the road. The only kind of person who is genuinely qualified to assess damage to your roof is a hail damage expert because they know exactly what to look for.

How To Hire A Hail Damage Expert

Your roofing contractor may be an expert on hail damage, but don’t assume that. If homeowners in your community are being reimbursed for hail damage, but your claim is denied, it probably wasn’t submitted by an expert. Here are some things you can ask your roofing contractor or someone else claiming to be a hail damage expert:

  1. The first thing you should inquire of a would-be inspector is whether or not they have any specialized training in assessing roof damage, especially after a hail storm.
  2. Next, you should ask them directly if they’ve dealt with hail damage situations before, and whether they have accurately assessed resulting damage.
  3. Then, of course, you should be sure that they’re familiar with the insurance claim process.

If they respond affirmatively to all three of these queries, then the individual in question is probably qualified to assess your hail damage and submit a claim on your behalf.

Consequences of An Inadequate Inspection

If you leave your roofing inspection to someone unqualified to perform a thorough evaluation, you could be vulnerable to all kinds of future issues. You may develop leaks in the roof, or there may have been structural damage which went unnoticed and rears it’s ugly head later. By engaging the services of an expert, you can be confident that all such issues will be identified and repaired, hopefully at little or no cost to yourself.

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