Now that the spring of 2019 has officially arrived, the thoughts of many homeowners have turned towards deep-cleaning the interior of their homes. Sure, it’s important to get rid of clothes no one has worn in years or old knick-knacks that do little more than collect dust. It’s just that many homeowners forget that the exterior of their home could use a little spring cleaning love too. If you’re a homeowner, it may be that you don’t know what kind of maintenance to perform on your home’s exterior and yard. HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration would like to help by outlining some tips below.

Rent a Pressure Washer

The outside of your home takes a lot of abuse during our Colorado winters. Snow, ice, and moisture can leave cracks behind, leaving room for dirt to settle into once the weather warms up. The wet conditions can also lead to mold and mildew forming on the side of your house. This is definitely a problem you’ll want to quickly contain as it can be hazardous to the health of you and your family. Another thing to consider is that insects love to take up residence in any tiny crevice they can find on your home’s exterior.

A pressure washer is a piece of equipment that expels water with a strong enough force to remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted things from the side of your home. Use it to clear siding, walkways, driveway and even wood decking! Follow by raking up what the pressure washer loosens and dispose of it. Most hardware stores rent these machines by the hour.

The Windows

After months of snow and rain pelting the glass over the winter, it’s a wonder you can see out of your windows at all. This spring, don’t forget to wash your windows from the outside to get them sparkling clean. For windows not at ground level, you may need to invest in a squeegee with a handle that extends several feet. Another possibility to consider is renting a steam machine from a local hardware store. Either option will remove months worth of dirt, grime and streaks from the outside of your windows.

The Gutters

If you didn’t get to this task last fall, you may climb a ladder to your gutters and see them bogged down with leaves and sticks. Gutters can also collect stagnant water that quickly turns into mold, animal droppings, and even dead insects and rodents that may have spent the winter in your gutters.

While not always the most enjoyable task for homeowners, it’s not one you can afford to ignore. Make sure that you have a secure ladder, a tight-fitting pair of gloves, a hand shovel, and a garbage bag to place the debris that you scoop from the gutters. When it’s clear that your home’s gutters have seen better days, gutter replacement from HomeGuard is the ideal solution.

Organize the Garage

Although the garage may be the dumping ground for your family when you can’t think of another place to put things, you ideally want to clean it at the start of every spring season. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your lawn care equipment still works efficiently before dragging it out and having it fail on you, while giving you an organized, clean and shaded space to work from.

It’s far less frustrating to head to the garage for garden supplies and be able to find them than hunt for what you need in vain. Cleaning and organizing the garage is one of those chores people procrastinate for a long time yet love the benefits they receive from it.

Check These Items Off as You Clean Outside This Spring

The above are just a few important outdoor maintenance tasks that we recommend for homeowners at the start of the spring season. Here are several more that you might want to add to your list:

  • Clean outdoor light fixtures and replace bulbs if needed
  • Clean the porch
  • Establish a schedule for mowing and weeding yards/gardens
  • Knock down insect webbing/nesting from eaves of the roof
  • Pull dead plants and flowers and replace them with new ones
  • Repair and clean windows and screens
  • Repair cracks in the driveway
  • Rinse your outdoor garbage cans
  • Trim and prune trees
  • Wash outdoor furniture
  • Wash entry doors and floor mats
  • Wash garage doors
  • Wash decking and walkways

You also don’t want to overlook the roof of your home, so be sure to inspect it for missing or torn shingles or tiles. Please don’t hesitate to contact HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration if you need repairs or wish to discuss a replacement. We are happy to offer free estimates.