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Why Sales?

A career in sales, especially in your late early twenties, is great for your professional development.

Sales Careers create situations to build your future:

  • Uncapped earning potential based on effort & hard work
  • Unlock your potential by pushing you out of your comfort zone
  • Harness motivation through goal setting
  • Build Confidence, Fearlessness and Communication skills

Why HomeGuard?

A Sales Representative at HomeGuard has an open door to countless opportunities:


Our job is simple: to empower you to find that fire that lives within all of us. Harness that fire and become unstoppable.

  • Unlock Your True Potential
  • Grow in confidence
  • Develop your communication skills


Your coaches and mentors will:

  • Coach you to be the best salesperson you can be
  • Support you in all facets of life
  • Guide you through obstacles
  • Give continued support as you grow

“I believe that most people want to be challenged. When you come to HomeGuard for sales, expect to be supported, but not micromanaged. I want everyone here to have complete ownership and accountability for what they are doing.” – Calvin Drey, Sales Manager


  • Team building events
  • Group happy hours
  • Competitive atmosphere to push each other

“My favorite part of working for HomeGuard is the people and friendships that I have made. My coworkers make my day every time I come into work!” – Alex, Summer 2020 Sales Intern

Alex said it, culture matters and we know it. The team at HomeGuard is positive and energetic. Whether it’s happy hours, catching the Broncos game or team dinners, the people you meet while working here will quickly become friends.


Never worked a job in sales before? Perfect!

Experience does not equal success. Our team’s growth is dependent on the ability of someone to help achieve our company mission: To Serve Our Community With Integrity.

HomeGuard Training Includes:

  • Office training with experienced leaders
  • Field training with proven producers
  • One on one Mentorship

Interested in joining the HomeGuard movement?

We need the leaders of tomorrow, today. Our aggressive growth goals center around our people. Straight up, our growth depends on you!

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We Can’t Wait to Meet You!