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Storms can cause a great deal of damage to a roof, especially storms which include very strong winds and heavy rains. Even roofing systems which have not been in place very long can be blown around and buffeted by hurricanes, tornadoes, and ‘ordinary’ powerful thunderstorms. When this happens to your roofing system, you’ll probably need to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, in order to get the damages repaired without having to pay for it out-of-pocket. However, there are times when the insurance company simply doesn’t agree with the assessment you’ve made, or which have been made on your behalf by a roofing contractor, and that’s when a Public Adjuster (PA) may have to be called in to settle the discrepancy.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a claims professional who is licensed to operate within the borders of a specific state, as a representative of the policyholder on the claim. This person will generally assess the damage on a claim and then negotiate with the insurance company, or in court if the claim goes that far. Other than the public adjuster, only an attorney or the real estate broker would be allowed to advocate for the policyholder in court, so it’s important that the right public adjuster be chosen.

A PA does this representation for a fee, and he/she can be a tremendous asset on your legal team, because the insured person (and PA employer) is the top priority for the adjuster, in making any case to the insurance company or in court. The aim of the PA is to secure the most favorable outcome for a client, and to get the maximum amount of money possible from the insurance claim.

When you should hire a public adjuster

One instance when you might want to hire a public adjuster is when you’re having difficulty preparing an insurance claim on your own. A PA can help you with this claim preparation, and if necessary, can bring in an expert roofing contractor to confirm the costs of any replacement materials needed, all repairs which must be addressed, and what the labor cost will amount to.

This is a little more intimidating than it might sound, because in truth, preparing and filing an insurance claim for a damaged home or roof can be a very exhaustive and detailed process. If you don’t file a claim accurately and correctly, the entire process can be delayed considerably, and in the meantime you have a damaged roof which needs to be restored before the next storm comes along.

Another time when hiring a public adjuster would be highly advantageous for you is when the insurance company disagrees with the dollar value of a claim you have already filed, and is offering a substantially lower settlement. Having a public adjuster stand by you throughout this process can be worth every penny, especially for someone who is completely inexperienced with filing insurance claims of this nature, and who is also inexperienced in negotiating with roofing contractors.

Should you use a public adjuster on your claim?

The truth is, in most cases it is probably a good idea, especially if your insurance claim is for a high dollar value. Even if you have a pretty fair idea of the damage cost, it’s always worth having a second opinion, and if your estimate is considerably below what the real damage costs are, a public adjuster will spot this and point it out right away to you.

Since most public adjusters offer a free estimate after surveying roofing damage, you really don’t have anything to lose, and if you are underestimating a claim, you might save yourself from losing a great deal. Getting a fair claim amount from your insurance company is a lot more likely to happen if you have a PA on your side, who has helped you file a timely and accurate claim.

Working with a Colorado Roofing Contractor

One very professional and reputable roofing contractor in the Arvada, CO region is HomeGuard. We have worked with many public adjusters in the area, and our knowledge and expertise are often sought out by PA’s to help with the most accurate assessments of roofing damage, and to identify its true extent. Contact us at your convenience if you need help with filing your roofing insurance claim, or for any roofing upgrades, repairs, or replacements in the Arvada, CO region.