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A Costly Colorado Hailstorm and Your Insurance Rates

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Blog

Vinyl Fencing with Hail DamageHail: it can be a minor and brief nuisance and a weather curiosity. Most of the time, hail melts quickly and may cause very minor damage. It can last just long enough to take a picture or to hold in one’s hand. Usually hail, which is frozen rain, can measure from 0.2 inches to 6 inches, with hailstones weighing up to a little over 1 pound. Hail typically forms during thunderstorms and becomes damaging when the hailstones are at least an inch in diameter.

Hailstorms can create serious havoc, causing damage to cars, planes, crops, livestock, and roofs that have skylights or glass. In the Denver metro area, similar kinds of damage occurred during a massive hailstorm on May 8, 2017. This was most likely the costliest hailstorm in Colorado’s recorded history.

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, insurance claims estimates are at $1.4 billion, which exceed both the July 2009 almost $846 million in claims from the hailstorm and the July 1990 hailstorm which cost $1.1 billion in losses (adjusted for today’s dollar).

May’s hailstorm and its resulting damage had more than 150,000 car owners and 50,000 homeowners file insurance claims – and for a good reason.

Photos from USA Today and The Denver Post showed the extensive damage from the storm. Car windshields were cracked or completely shattered. House facades were riddled with marks. Roof shingles were demolished. Windows had been broken. The hail itself looked like snow on the roads and on cars. The sizes of the hailstones were up to golf-ball- and baseball-sized. Many car crashes occurred. A mall was severely damaged; it had to be closed.

Because this massive hailstorm occurred during rush hour and in densely populated areas of Denver, the damage was also extensive. Cars that would usually be parked in garages were out in the open. More modern cars now have highly sophisticated sensor systems and windshields that make them more expensive to fix and replace, adding to the costs.

With the large number of claims that have been filed, you may be wondering how this weather event, and the significant amount of damage, will affect your insurance rates. Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association believes that insurance rates will most likely increase.

Living in Colorado, you know how inclement weather is a commonplace occurrence. Your home’s roof has probably withstood harsh winds, intense thunderstorms, snowstorms and blizzards, and other hailstorms. Because of Colorado’s extreme weather, your roof may need to be patched to fix a leak, or it may need to be completely replaced altogether.

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Hail Damaged RoofMost roofing jobs can be covered through your homeowner’s insurance. But it can be quite a feat to navigate what ends up being a complicated, confusing, and many times, upsetting process to file an insurance claim. You can leave that process to us! We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. In fact, we can handle the whole insurance claim process for you. We’re also here to give you our expert advice. Either way, Homeguard Roofing & Restoration can be of assistance to you as you get your home’s roof back to its original condition.

We use the same estimate software program as insurance companies do, called Xactimate. By being on the same page as your insurance company’s adjuster, we can work closely with them to get the compensation needed for your roof’s repair. When your adjustment takes place, we will be at your residence to give the necessary information—the repairs that need to be made, time estimates on the repairs, and the materials which will be used. By using Xactimate, the pricing for the repairs will match more closely to the insurance company’s estimates, which means you’ll receive more compensation.

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