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While many homeowners first consider skylights for the improved aesthetics, it’s the other benefits that eventually convince them that installing skylights is a good idea. A skylight, which is a specialized window built into a residential roof, fills the home with as much natural sunlight as possible. It can also act as a passive heat source and help to reduce energy costs.

If you have recently decided to invest in a skylight, you need to consider the different materials, designs, and other components before choosing the best one for your home. Below we outline what you can expect with the five main types of skylights we offer at HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration. We are pleased to partner with Velux to bring you the finest skylights in the roofing industry.

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Solar Powered Skylights

The solar-powered skylight by Velux uses a solar panel to capture as much daylight as possible. It then uses sunlight to recharge a highly efficient battery-powered control and operation system. The battery system opens and closes your home’s skylight while staying concealed the entire time. It even comes with a built-in rain sensor to automatically close the skylight while you’re away from home. This product comes with a no-leak guarantee, offers quiet and clean operation, and pulls fresh air into your home for healthier breathing.

Another important thing to know about solar powered skylights is that they use silicon dioxide glass. Since this is much smoother than other types of glass, the water sheets off evenly and evaporates quickly. It also helps to prevent outside noise from coming into your home.

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Electric Skylights

The manufacturers designed this type of skylight for deck and curb mounted installations. This makes it the ideal daytime application to provide light to second-story rooms in your home. By just pressing a button, you can let in an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Like the solar powered skylight, the electric version comes equipped with a built-in rain sensor that will close if you’re not at home. It has all of the features of the above skylight along with a 20-foot hard wire that connects to a standard sized junction box.

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Manual Skylights

Velux’s manual skylights allow for maximum openings so you can experience the best of nature indoors without having to subject yourself to the worst nature has to offer. With openings to let in the maximum amount of fresh air, installing a manual skylight vents in the maximum amount of fresh outdoor air. It removes stale air from your home and replaces it with fresh and natural air to give your home a better balance of moisture.

In addition to fresh air, a no-leak promise, and quiet and clean operation, you can open and close your skylights easily with the manual crank handle. That means no need for special wiring or high electricity bills.

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Fixed Skylights

Mounted on a curb or deck, fixed skylights are the ideal solution to provide visual expansion in dark enclosed spaces such as a hallway or staircase. The natural light and sky views improve safety in these areas as well. Velux manufactures the fixed skylight with heavy-duty materials to make it strong enough to withstand all weather conditions and the process of installation. These skylights won’t leak, use safety glass, and operate in a clean and quiet manner.

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Sun Tunnel Skylights

This model can span as much as 10 feet for a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of your home. It offers more than twice the square footage of traditional flat glass skylights but remains just as efficient. Because it comes with a condensation channel that helps to prevent leaking, you don’t have to add extra weep holes. Sun Tunnel skylights come with an enamel finish in the color of Quaker Bronze. You have nine color options as well.

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Contact HomeGuard Roofing & Restoration for a Price Quote and Additional Information

With so many beautiful and sturdy skylight options available, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your home. We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation where you can discuss the various features with a roofing specialist in person. We are also happy to provide price quotes based on the size you select and other individual factors.