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Ask yourself, if my roofing company travels from state-to-state to follow storms, will they be around when I need a repair several years from now? Will they even be here next month if something goes wrong?

Watch out for roofing contractors with fancy vans and no local office!

Here are a few tips for making sure that you get the best local company for your Denver area roof repair or replacement.


  1. Check to see if they have a local office. If they are working out of a few vans, beware!
  2. Always ask the contractor for a copy of their license, and make sure that they have a permit to do the work before it begins.
  3. Search for reviews and referrals from Denver area customers. If all of their reviews are from out of state, that may be a red flag. You might even take this a step further, and ask for vendor references.
  4. Don’t work with a roofing contractor who can’t provide proof of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.
  5. Find out if the owners of the company live in the Denver, or Colorado Front Range area. If they do, there’s a better chance that they will be available if you need them later.
  6. It never hurts to see if they are listed with the local Better Business Bureau. If they’re not, you’re inviting extra risk.
  7. Search local online directories to see if the business has a listing, address, and local phone number
  8. Most roofing companies hire people with little or no experience to canvass neighborhoods after storms.
  9. Ask how the company’s damage assessors are trained and certified. Confirm that the contractor’s permit is valid and current with your city or county building department.
  10. Out-of-town roofing companies are often the first to canvass neighborhoods hit by storms.
  11. Don’t pay for work in advance. If you’re asked, tell the company to take a hike.

According to the Colorado Roofing Association, “there is no statewide roofing license or registration requirement within the state of Colorado for roofing contractors.”


However, roofing contractors or other construction professionals installing or repairing a roof MUST be licensed and/or have a roofing permit with the local city or county where the work is to be performed. 


Don’t sign anything until you are 100% confident that you are making the right choice. In Colorado, contracts must have a price, not just a statement that “your roof will be replaced for whatever the insurance company pays.” Anything that you sign is a binding contract, no matter what you are told.


If you have any questions about the contractor or roofing company you want to hire, call Homeguards Restoration’s Help Line at (720) 708-4126 for immediate answers.