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You can extend the life of your roof by performing basic and inexpensive maintenance. This can help you avoid costly repairs, and improve the value of your home. If you want to keep your roof repairs to a minimum use the tips below from local restoration and insurance claim specialist, HomeGuard Restoration.

Tip 1: Keep excess water off of your roof by cleaning the debris from the surface of your roof, behind pipes, and around HVAC units.

Tip 2: Stop moss from cracking, lifting, and pitting your roof shingles by installing zinc or lead control strips if you spot moss or algae on your roof. You should also trim your trees so they don’t over-hang your roof. Remove any moss and treat your roof with any retail moss remover.

Tip 3: Make sure that you have a good layer of attic insulation. That’s right… good insulation prevents the large temperature differences between the house and attic that lead to damaging condensation on the underside of the roof. Add a layer of vapor retarder for additional protection.

Tip 4: Inspect your roof once a year, and after big storms. Catching and fixing problems early prevents further damage; especially from water. If you’re not comfortable getting up on your roof, HomeGuard Restoration offers a free roof inspection at any time.

Tip 5: Make sure that you have unobstructed attic ventilation with screens that keep birds and small critters out. Without good ventilation, your rafters and roof sheathing can rot over time. You can add protection with an inexpensive attic fan.

Tip 6: Choose your contractor carefully when you need repairs. Check with the Better Business Bureau, read online reviews, hire only a local firm, and get three detailed quotes in writing before you hire a contractor to repair your roof.

When you need same day help HomeGuard Restoration will not only provide you with a free inspection and a free written estimate, they will offer you the best warranty in the industry if you choose to work them. Just as important, they will always be available when you need them because they live and work in the Denver Metro area.