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Roofing insurance claims are on the rise in Denver and across the country. This has led to insurance companies and insurance claims adjusters trying to limit the amount they pay out on roof damage claims. During the last few years, some Home Guard Restoration customers were not aware of their insurance policy’s claim requirements before they called us. We have been able to help them maximize their claim, and get quick approval for the funds needed for roof repairs.

When you have roof damage, follow the steps below to insure that your claim is resolved quickly and effectively.

1. Identify damage quickly

Start with your own visual inspection. If you see any signs of roof damage, call a local company for a more thorough inspection of your home’s entire exterior. Reputable companies do these inspections for free to earn your business.

2. Make temporary roof repairs quickly

Failure to properly secure your property after it is damaged can result in complications to your claim. In most cases, your insurance company claims adjuster can authorize temporary repairs. Make sure you take photos of the damage both before and after the temporary repair. Permanent repairs can’t be made until the adjuster has personally inspected your damaged roof.

3. Call your insurance company claims hotline, not your insurance agent

You want to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible with one of your insurance company’s adjusters.

4. Research the different types of roofing materials that are available for roof repairs and replacements

Your insurance agent should be able to provide you with information about the types of materials that qualify for highest level of reimbursement and future savings. Metal, tile, and shingles all come in different designs. You might also visit your local hardware store and discuss the different types of roofing products common to the Colorado market.

5. Choose a local, established roofing company to work with

Quality roofing companies will help you with your insurance claim. But, be aware. Denver area roofing companies deliver a wide range of quality because our seasonal wind and hail storms cause enough roof damage to encourage all types of contractors to solicit roof repair jobs. Over the years many companies come to the area during a stormy year, and leave quickly thereafter. Don’t get caught choosing a company from out of town that promised you everything but isn’t around to provide the promised service when you need them.

Today, insurance companies use a program called “Xactimate” to assess your property damage. They no longer rely on quotes from multiple companies. This program tells the insurance company how much labor and materials are needed, and how much your repairs should cost.

Insurance companies will pay only the actual cost of the repair. This has led to some roofing companies trying to save money by using inferior products. While your roof may look just as nice as it would have with higher quality material, you may be setting yourself up for additional repairs a few years down the road. Home Guard Restoration not only uses the best material possible, we offer one of the strongest workmanship warranties available in the industry. Call us Danny, Zack, or Terry at (720) 708-4126 for help with your insurance claim.