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There are several choices to consider for maintaining or replacing your commercial roof. There’s EPDM, TPO, PVC, metal, and more. One option that is becoming increasingly more popular that many people don’t know about however, is coating. Roof coating is the application of a liquid based membrane over an existing roofing system. Once it dries, it becomes a new water resistant barrier. Coatings can be applied to most low-slope roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO, BUR or built-up-roof-system, metal, and more! Read below to learn about why coating might be the right choice for your commercial roof:

1. Coating is Non-Invasive

Because coatings are applied to an already existing roofing system, contractors do not need to remove your existing roof.  This prevents unnecessary interruptions to your business that could impact revenue. Less need for large equipment, closures, and noisy job sites leads to less inconvenience to customers, owners, and tenants.

2. Warranties and Maintenance

GACO, a Firestone subsidiary, offers extensive warranties on coated roofs. You might think you can only get warranties on new roofs, but that’s not true!

You can receive a 20 year warranty by applying a liquid coating on your commercial roof.

At the end of your warranty period, you may be able to apply another coating to start a new warranty. These warranties are leak free, which covers many types of leaks you might experience after the application.  Because of the water resistant coating, moisture can rest or pond on top of your roof for long periods of time without causing any damage. Want to learn more? Check out GACO’s website!

You can use coatings to easily and quickly seal and fix failing seams and patches, which are some of the most common maintenance issues.

3. Cost Saving

Traditional roof replacement methods are expensive. It doesn’t help that when a roof is a bit older, there can be an added cost to get the roof compliant with current codes. Installing a new roof that’s up to proper codes could entail adding more insulation, which raises the roof surface 1-8 inches. A couple of inches might not sound like a big deal, but equipment stored on the roof like air conditioners are required to rest on curbs that are 8 inches higher than the roof surface.  The need of a crane, HVAC technicians, electricians or even mechanical engineers can severely impact the cost of a roof replacement. 

With a liquid coating, the roof surface is not increased, therefore there is no requirement of removing and reattaching HVAC units, saving a building owner thousands of dollars.

Applying liquid coating to your roof can save you 25%-75% compared to a traditional replacement!

4. Production Time

Depending on the size and accessibility of your commercial building, a roof replacement can take weeks or months. Applying a liquid coating takes as little as a few hours! On average, the time savings are at least 50%. Save yourself time, money, and stress by considering liquid coating to protect your roof. 

5. Energy Saving

When it comes to cost saving, it’s easy to imagine that skipping the replacement this time around will save you big bucks. But applying liquid coating to your roof also saves you money with building efficiency! If your roof experiences direct sunlight, energy costs from heat absorption on a black membrane roof like EPDM or BUR can be high.  A white coating is more reflective than dark colored roofing systems, going from black to white will result in a cooler roof and cooler building with less energy expense. There are also foam insulation and coating system combinations that can help lead to large energy efficiency gains.


Considering liquid coating for your commercial business? Contact us at 720-708-4126 and we’ll schedule an inspection to see if your roof is a candidate for this cost effective, money saving roofing option!