4 Tips to Avoid Common Roof Mistakes

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An intact roofing system is one of the key components of a well-structured home, making it a major investment. This is why it’s important that your roofing needs are done right every time. Let your trusted roofing professionals from HomeGuard Roofing and Restoration share four ways you can avoid common roofing mistakes.

Avoid Common Roof Mistakes

1. Work with Trusted Roofing Experts

Being an integral part of your home, it’s best to entrust your roofing needs to an expert roofing company, like HomeGuard Roofing and Restoration. Otherwise, you may have to endure roofing mistakes that may cost you and your family’s safety and comfort. We can help you look for the right materials to ensure your roof performs at its fullest while maintaining your home’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Make a Plan

Adequate preparation is the most reliable tool to preventing common roofing mistakes, like installing mismatched shingles. This usually happens when a roofing contractor purchases from different suppliers which may be incompatible with each other.

As GAF Certified Master Elite™ roofers, we only offer the brand’s high-quality roofing materials. We’ll help you find an option that’s sure to complement your home’s architectural design and provide lasting comfort and protection for you and your family while ensuring the supplies, materials, or equipment to be used are enough.

3. Know Your Roofing System’s History

Apart from the material used for your roofing system, its age and the climate in your region affect your roof replacement needs. We also suggest checking if your municipality prohibits applying a new layer of shingles over an old roof. Your trusted roofers may suggest removing the old layer to avoid its weight from damaging your roofing system, a common roofing mistake that may lead to extensive damage to your home.

4. Check Everything Thoroughly

Most of the time, roofing companies have their own set of guidelines on how their roofs are to be installed. As a GAF Certified Master Elite™ roofing contractor, we perform a 40-point inspection to check if all components were placed in their proper positions. We also back our roofing jobs with solid warranties, like the Golden Pledge®, which covers 100% of the workmanship, installation costs, and material defects.

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