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Planning to instal new roofing soon? Tile roofing is one of the better alternatives to asphalt roofing, and is popular for both residential and commercial property owners. HomeGuard Roofing and Restoration discusses four interesting facts about tile roofing.

1. Tile Lasts the Longest

Did you know that tile roofing is actually the longest lasting kind of roofing available? Just take a look at ancient Greek sites – the tiles on the roofing are still there and some are even in relatively good condition. Modern engineering has made tile even more long-lasting, and is widely lauded for its high elemental resilience. Tile roofing is lifetime roofing, and it might even outlast your own home.

2. Plenty of Color Options to Choose From

You probably have this image that tile is only available in that bland orange color, but there’s actually several color options to choose from with modern tiles. And the best part is that they take a very long time to fade. When you work with us for your residential roofing replacement, we’ll help you pick the right roof color that matches your home’s architectural style.

3. An Economical Choice

Tile is technically actually a bigger investment than asphalt as a roofing material. However, it’s arguably the most economical choice simply because it’s a real lifetime value. Asphalt has an average life span of 15 to 25 years, and this isn’t taking into account the level of maintenance it requires. Tile is durable and resilient, and has an “average” lifespan of 50 to 100 years. With tile, it’s unlikely that you’ll have it replaced anytime soon.

4. Tile is Very Wind Resistant

Tile, along with concrete, is among the most wind-resistant roofing materials out there. It’s the reason they’re very popular for commercial roofing – especially highrise buildings in areas that experience very high winds. It’s proven to shrug off winds of around 150 miles per hour!

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