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It’s pretty easy to see that your roof is a big part of your home’s exterior, but do you know its purpose? It plays a more significant role than you might think in the safety, protection, and comfort of your home. Some of the information below might surprise you!

Protects from Water Damage

Perhaps its most obvious job is to protect your home and everything in it from the outside elements. Together with your siding, your roof prevents your home’s internal structure from getting wet or struck by tree branches and hail.

If your roof isn’t properly maintained, it fails to do its job correctly. That means during heavy rains or an onslaught of melting snow, it can let tiny streams of water into your home. These then pool on your wooden beams and cause mold and rot, directly affecting the structural integrity of your home. It’s no surprise that damage of this magnitude is costly.

Make sure you’re scheduling regular roof inspections to ensure your roof is reliable and up to the task of protecting your home and family.

Protects from Critters

Critters and rodents don’t like inclement weather, so if it’s rained heavily or it’s freezing outside, they’re looking for a warm place to hide. You don’t want that to be your home! Your roof protects you from becoming a critter’s nesting ground. If you have roof damage, an inspection might find creepy crawlers in your attic!


Did you know that a faulty roof can cause your energy bill to skyrocket? That’s because your roof plays a hand in helping keep your HVAC’s hard work within your home.

During the winter, your roof and attic insulation keep the heat on the lower levels of your home. Inadequate insulation or a damaged roof will let the heat escape and let cold air inside. This can cause attic precipitation and ice dams – two nasty problems you definitely want to avoid.

In the summer, your roof and its shingles keep the hot air outside while preventing your cold air from escaping. If you keep lowering the temperature inside your home and it still feels too hot, your roof could be the culprit.

If you weren’t surprised, you’re one savvy homeowner! Make sure you’re scheduling regular inspections to keep up with regular maintenance and ensure your roof lasts a long, long time! We are proud to be your local roofing contractor. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured for quality service you can trust. Contact us at (720) 708-4126 or click here to schedule your next roof inspection!